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Vermont laws are very vague when it comes to gambling. The state doesn’t have a precise legal definition of the act itself, but players who participate in unlawful gambling are punished with a fine. The regulations never refer specifically to online gambling, so it’d be easy to argue that they don’t apply to people who play on offshore iGaming sites. This argument is further reinforced by the fact that the section that criminalizes taking part in illegal gambling activities refers exclusively to games hosted in a gambling house. Quite obviously, it’d be possible for the local authorities to argue that the term “gambling house” can be applied to an internet service, but none of these theories have been proven or disproved in the court, as the state simply doesn’t attempt to prosecute individual players.

Vermont Online Gambling FAQ

What types of gambling are available in VT?

When it comes to land-based gambling, Vermont doesn’t have a lot to offer. The area is devoid of any casinos and the local racetracks have been closed to bettors in the recent past. The only way to play regulated casino-style games is to take part in charitable gambling. Like many other US states, Vermont runs its own lottery but doesn’t have any locally licensed gambling sites.

What laws cover online gambling in Vermont?

The laws that have to do with land-based gambling are all listed in Vermont statutes. Vermont doesn’t have any dedicated internet gambling laws.

Is real money online gambling legal in Vermont?

The answer is most probably yes. As mentioned above, Vermont doesn’t regulate online gambling and the state doesn’t go after players who frequent offshore iGaming sites.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Vermont residents?

Vermont -based gamblers shouldn’t face any difficulties when signing up with any major offshore sites.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Vermont -facing sites?

Visa credit and debit cards are supported by all reputable offshore sites. Those sites generally allow you to choose between a wire transfer and check by courier when it comes to cashing out.

Does Vermont offer any intrastate online gambling?

No. Vermont doesn’t have a regulated intrastate gambling market. The sites that claim to be licensed in Vermont are cheating their visitors, which means that they’re probably also dangerous to play on.

Is it likely for Vermont to regulate online gambling?

Vermont lawmakers have been considering introducing new regulations that’d allow online lottery ticket sales for a few years now and it’s quite likely that this kind of legislation will be passed in the end. However, the state doesn’t have a land-based gambling industry or a customer base that could sustain a major online gambling operation, so it’s very unlikely for Vermont to regulate online casino-style games or poker anytime soon.

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