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According to Section 21 of Oklahoma statutes, participating in illegal gambling as a player is considered a misdemeanor, but according to the local law, it could still land you in jail for up to 30 days. The penalties for hosting unlawful games are even more dreadful, but fortunately, the law doesn’t seem to apply to internet play. The local authorities refuse to go after offshore site customers and no players have been brought to the court for placing bets online up as of the time of writing of this guide.

Oklahoma Online Gambling FAQ

What types of gambling are available in OK?

Oklahoma is a great state for land-based gambling enthusiasts. The local tribal gambling establishments are allowed to offer all the typical casino games, including slots and video poker. The state has pari-mutuel horse race betting and the racetracks tend to have a selection of casino-style offerings. If you want casual entertainment, Oklahoma also has a state-run lottery and bingo games. The only parts missing are the Oklahoma-regulated iGaming services and regrettably, it doesn’t seem probable for the state to change anything in this regard in the foreseeable future

What laws cover online gambling in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma regulations as listed in Section 21 of Oklahoma code are very specific when it comes to land-based gambling, but iGaming is a completely different story. None of the Oklahoma laws refer specifically to playing real money games online, which means that this part of the gambling industry isn’t actually regulated at all.

Is real money online gambling legal in Oklahoma?

Since none of the Oklahoma laws mention placing bets via offshore poker sites, casinos or sportsbooks, even the most die-hard anti-gambling activist would be left with no choice but to conclude that online gambling is 100% legal within the borders of Oklahoma.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Oklahoma residents?

Oklahoma is not openly hostile to online gambling, so most US-facing sites don’t have any rules that’d prevent them from accepting Oklahoma-based customers.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Oklahoma -facing sites?

Most offshore gambling sites don’t support all that many banking methods, so in most cases, you should be fine with Visa/MasterCard as long as your card isn’t intended exclusively for domestic use. Please note that if you use this option to make a deposit, you’ll usually be required to withdraw via a bank wire transfer or check.

Does Oklahoma offer any intrastate online gambling?

The obvious downside of having no iGaming regulations whatsoever is the lack of legitimate gambling sites operating on the fenced intrastate market.

Is it likely for Oklahoma to regulate online gambling?

No. As mentioned above, Oklahoma isn’t interested in opening its intrastate internet gambling market, which shouldn’t be all that surprising since most gambling-related businesses are pretty much content with the current situation.

Oklahoma Gambling Resources

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