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Gambling in North Dakota is regulated under Section 12 of the local state code. Participating in unlicensed games is illegal and the penalty depends on the amount of money involved. If you wager less than $500, you’re going to be charged with an infraction. Placing a larger bet is considered a Class A misdemeanor. As is often the case, the state regulations don’t refer specifically to online gambling, so it’s very hard to determine whether these rules extend to online gambling or not. The state hasn’t even tried prosecuting someone for playing at an offshore site, so it’s impossible to say how the court would interpret such a case.

North Dakota Online Gambling FAQ

What types of gambling are available in ND?

North Dakota doesn’t have any racetracks, but aside from that, the local gambling aficionados are in a pretty good spot. The state allows pari-mutuel betting on simulcast races and has several Indian-operated casinos, which are allowed to offer table games, poker, and slots. Charitable gambling is also available. Like most US states, North Dakota has a state-run lottery but doesn’t have any regulated iGaming sites.

What laws cover online gambling in North Dakota?

Real money gaming is regulated by Section 12 of North Dakota code. Despite the fact that the aforementioned laws don’t really deal with internet gaming, it may be argued by the authorities that most of the general regulations extend to internet games. Fortunately, this possibility has proven to be purely theoretical, as no players have been prosecuted so far.

Is real money online gambling legal in North Dakota?

The legal status of online gambling is somewhat ambiguous due to outdated regulations, but it’d be next to impossible for an individual player to be charged with a felony or even misdemeanor for playing on an offshore site. Consequently, most industry experts agree that online gambling is perfectly safe for North Dakota residents.

Which offshore gambling sites accept North Dakota residents?

North Dakota residents are pretty much free to play on any US-friendly site they like, but we recommend sticking to reputable operators like Bovada, as they guarantee that you’ll be able to gamble in a safe environment.

What are the most popular banking options supported by North Dakota -facing sites?

Contrary to the popular belief, making a deposit to an offshore site is easy – a simple Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card is more than enough to start playing real money games. Please note that domestic-only cards aren’t supported by offshore operators, which means that your card has to be cleared for international payments. Cashing out is also very simple, as most sites allow you to get your winnings using a wire transfer.

Does North Dakota offer any intrastate online gambling?

No, the existing regulations combined with the high level of control the authorities want to have over the local gambling operations makes it impossible for North Dakota companies to go online with any real money gambling products.

Is it likely for North Dakota to regulate online gambling?

North Dakota doesn’t seem to be interested in changing its current gambling regulations. Changing this attitude would probably require new regulations on the federal level.

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