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Nevada has a massive casino industry to protect, so the regulations dealing with unlawful gambling are very harsh. Nevertheless, most of the penalties that can be brought on individual players are related to cheating during the game – trying to stack the odds in your favor in this manner definitely isn’t a good idea, as people who engage in cheating are likely to face felony charges. The new, post-iGaming bill regulations address the issue of unlicensed online gambling. Consequently, playing on one of the offshore sites could be considered a misdemeanor. However, no gamblers have been prosecuted so far, so it’s hard to determine whether the trial would result in a conviction or not.

Nevada Online Gambling FAQ

What types of gambling are available in Nevada?

With most of world’s largest casinos and hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip and over 250 gambling establishment littering the local landscape, Nevada is a gambling aficionado’s dream come true. The Silver State gives you access every imaginable form of casino-style gambling, but surprisingly enough it doesn’t have its own lottery. Nevada was the first state to introduce iGaming-friendly regulations and is one of the two states that offer high-profile regulated online gambling sites as of the time of writing of this guide.

What laws cover online gambling in Nevada?

Online gambling is covered by Nevada Revised Statutes 463-465.

Is real money online gambling legal in Nevada?

Real money gambling is perfectly legal as long as you stick to Nevada-licensed websites. There is a risk that joining the action on one of the offshore poker sites might be considered a misdemeanor. However, no players have been prosecuted so far, which makes it hard to determine what the potential ruling could be.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Nevada residents?

Most of the major offshore sites would be happy to accept a new customer from Nevada.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Nevada-facing sites?

Local gambling sites offer more banking options than the offshore operators, but fortunately, a credit or debit card is pretty much guaranteed to work in both scenarios. Cashing out is usually handled via a bank wire transfer, but the specifics are likely to depend on the site that you’ll join.

Does Nevada offer any intrastate online gambling?

Yes. Nevada has already launched its fenced online gambling market. However, most of the sites in question can’t really compare with major offshore services in terms of traffic, which might be very difficult to swallow for internet poker enthusiasts that are already used to playing on major networks.

Is it likely for Nevada to regulate online gambling?

Nevada has already regulated online gambling and has its own intrastate iGaming industry.

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