Maryland has commercial casinos, pari-mutuel betting, charitable gambling and a state-controlled lottery. The local gambling industry is currently undergoing a rather rapid expansion, which started in November 2012 with a vote on less restrictive gambling laws and which resulted in the launch of Caesar’s Entertainment’s Horseshoe Casino Baltimore in 2014. The state of Maryland hasn’t regulated online gambling yet, but many experts believe that the state is planning to launch its own iGaming market over the next few years.

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Section 12 of the Maryland code states that betting, wagering or gambling without a license is illegal within the borders of the state. Unlike the other states, Maryland doesn’t have separate punishments for players and operators. However, the local regulations don’t refer specifically to online gambling and the state has never tried going after people who engage in real money gaming on offshore sites. Since most of those sites accept Maryland residents, many people believe that online play isn’t prohibited by the current regulations. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts about signing up for a specific site, we recommend contacting a local lawyer first as the penalties for breaking the law are rather harsh.

Maryland Online Gambling FAQ

What laws cover online gambling in Maryland?

Land-based gambling is covered extensively in Section 12 of Maryland code. Online gambling on the other hand isn’t really regulated, so most people believe that there’s nothing to stopMaryland residents from enjoying their hobby on one of the quality offshore sites. However, we recommend seeking professional legal advice if you have any doubts about joining a specific site.

Is real money online gambling legal in Maryland?

The Maryland law doesn’t list online gambling as an offence. Consequently, some industry experts claim that playing online is both legal and safe. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts about joining a specific site, you should consider consulting a lawyer first just to stay on the safe side.

Which offshore gambling sites accept Maryland residents?

Many high-traffic offshore sites have absolutely no qualms about accepting Maryland residents, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Generally speaking, if you live in Maryland, you should be able access to some of the best casino, poker and sports betting offers available on the web by joining one of the Bovada sites.

What are the most popular banking options supported by Maryland -facing sites?

Offshore sites don’t support all that many banking options, so most people decide to stick with basic credit card or debit card payments for deposits and wire transfer for payouts.

Does Maryland offer any intrastate online gambling?

No. If one of the sites you visit is pretending to be licensed in Maryland, you’re most probably dealing with a fraud attempt.

Is it likely for Maryland to regulate online gambling?

The local lawmakers are definitely introduced in allowing Maryland-licensed iGaming sites to operate on the local market, but changing the current regulations is definitely going to take some time.

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More Legal Resources for Maryland Residents


Maryland Appellate Court Opinions
Database containing all Appellate court opinions.

Maryland Court of Special Appeals
Site includes information on judges and contact information, court opinions, and court schedule.

Maryland Judiciary
Site offers information on the District, Circuit, and Appellate courts of Maryland.

Maryland Tax Court
Site offers information on the court organization, history, and reports.

Government Officials

Maryland Elected Officials
Listings and contact information for Federal and State Government Officials.

Maryland State Comptroller
Site offers tax information for business and individuals.

Maryland State Governor
Home page for Martin O’ Malley, governor of Maryland.

Law Enforcement

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
The Department works to keep Maryland communities safe and provides services to the victims of crime.

Maryland State Police Department
Site offers information on police departments, homeland security, and other department services.

Law Libraries/Schools

Maryland State Archives
Included in the Archives’ holdings are colonial and state executive, legislative, and judicial records; county probate, land and court records; church records; business records; publications and reports of state, county and municipal governments; and special collections of private papers, maps, photographs, and newspapers.

Maryland State Law Library
Site offers information on library catalog, legal websites, Maryland Government, and genealogy resources.

University of Baltimore Law Library
Site offers information on the library catalog, electronic forms, research database, and links to other libraries.

University of Baltimore School of Law
School’s site offers information for current and prospective students including class schedules, career services, and admissions.

Legal Forms

Baltimore County Public Library
Law info center for the Baltimore County Public Library.

Maryland State Court Forms
Electronic forms for use in the Circuit and District courts.

Maryland State Government
Home page for the Maryland State Government including information on government agencies and state courts.

Maryland Tax Forms
Electronic tax forms for the state of Maryland.

Maryland Voter Registration
Online form to register to vote in the state of Maryland.


Department of General Services
The Department performs a variety of functions, including planning, design, and construction management, facilities maintenance, procurement of goods and services, receipt and distribution of excess property, and provision of real estate services.

Governor’s Office for Children
The office coordinates child and family-oriented care within the State’s Child-Serving Agencies by emphasizing prevention, early intervention and community-based services for all children and families.

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
The Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention offers resources to improve public safety in Maryland.

Maryland Board of Public Works
This page provides a basic understanding of the Board, its functions, and its daily operations. The Board comprises the Governor, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer.

Maryland Department of Budget and Management
Site offers information on department agencies, state employee resources, and job listings.

Maryland Department of Disabilities
The Maryland Technology Assistance Program provides tools to help people who are disabled or elderly enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other citizens.

Maryland Department of Education
Home page for the Maryland Department of Education including information on department divisions, the state board, school systems, and testing.

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
The agency provides job development, employment resources, and unemployment insurance.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
The Department is available to ensure that the state’s natural resources are accessible to all citizens and visitors

Maryland Department of the Environment
Site offers an overview of key planning tools and programs available to help local governments better manage growth while balancing environmental constraints.

Maryland Department of Transportation
Site offers information on motor vehicles, local transportation, travel, and business services.

Maryland General Assembly
The General Assembly has 47 Senators and 141 Delegates elected from 47 districts.

Maryland House of Representatives
Site offers information on district jurisdiction, representative contact information, and government resources.

Maryland Office of Minority Affairs
The office facilitates minority business enterprise activities through coordinating and promoting government programs aimed at strengthening and preserving the state’s 200,000 minority and women owned businesses.

Maryland Office of the Secretary of State
Official website for the Maryland Secretary of State including information on various certifications, notaries public, and state documents.

Maryland State Archives
The Maryland State Archives is the historical agency for Maryland and serves as the central depository for government records of permanent value. Records date from the founding of the colony in 1634 to the present.

Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation
The Director of Assessments and Taxation, appointed by the Governor, administers and enforces the property assessment and property tax laws of Maryland.

Maryland Treasurer’s Office
Home page for Nancy K. Kopp, Maryland State Treasurer.


Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
The Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention offers resources to improve public safety in Maryland.

Professional Associations

Anne Arundel Bar Association
The Anne Arundel Bar Association is a nonprofit membership organization of over 900 legal professionals in Anne Arundel County.

Baltimore County Bar Association
Site includes attorney resources, event calendar, and career center.

Bar Association of Montgomery County
The Association was formed in 1894 to advance the science of jurisprudence, promote reform in the law, facilitate the administration of justice, uphold the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, encourage legal education of its members, and cultivate a spirit of cordiality and respect within the profession and the community for the purpose of serving the interests of the community and the profession.

Maryland Bankruptcy Bar Association
The Association offers resources on association information, association libraries, and legal resources in regards to bankruptcy.

Maryland State Bar Association
Site including information for current and prospective members including legal resources, event calendar, and publications.

Public Defender Information

Maryland Attorney General
The Attorney General’s Office has general charge, supervision and direction of the legal business of the State, acting as legal advisor’s and representatives of the major departments, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government.

Public Interest Organizations

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Department works to ensure the public safety and protection of the community, to hold juvenile offenders accountable to victims and communities, and to develop youth competency and character to assist them in becoming responsible and productive members of society.

Maryland Judiciary
Site offers information on the District, Circuit, and Appellate courts of Maryland.

Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
The Legal Aid Bureau has been providing free civil legal services in Maryland for low-income people, children and the elderly since 1911.